P-EMO Packer with the cable gland of mechanical installation

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P-EMO Packer with the cable gland of mechanical installation

P-EMO Packer with the cable gland of mechanical installation

It is intended for the well operation with the electric submersible pumping equipment with the production casing leak intervals above the productive formations, as well as in the dual production and injection ones.
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  • for pumping well operation.

  • If you use the electric submersible pump together with the underground equipment, it ensures the power cable line continuity;
  • The presence of two additional channels allows injecting of various kinds of chemicals during the working process, carrying over gas from the below-packer area(1) , installing the geophysical devices on the cable in the below-packer area.

The packer is set in the borehole by mechanical means and consists of:
  • packer device for hermetic separation of the intervals of well hole boring casing;
  • lower-anchoring device for hooking with the boring casing and preventing packer downward movement;
  •  the possibility of cable hermetization in the packer without the armor welding (compound injection);
  • - hermetic seal allowing monitoring the cable integrity after the packer installation and before its trip in hole.
1 In the case of special order, the packer is equipped with one or two capillary tubes with the outer diameter of 0,39 in with the connection dimensions agreed with the customer


Type Design
OD, in
Maximum load on the packer
during tripping operations, lbf
Packer ID,
in (not less than)
Length, in,
not more than
temperature, F
Weight, lb,
not more than
NUE connection
OD, in Nominal
Weight, lb./ft
 P-EMO-118  АХА 2.839.606-20  5 1/2”  13.0-17.0  4,64  22040  35274  1,968  90,55  302  165  2 7/8”
 5 3/4”  22.0-24.5
 P-EMO-122  АХА 2.839.606-21  5 3/4”  15.5-22.0  4,80  176
 P-EMO-142  АХА 2.839.650  6 5/8”  22.0-28.0  5,51  2,441  90,15  220
 7”  38.0-40.6
 P-EMO-145  АХА 2.839.650-01  7”  32.0-35.0  5,7
 P-EMO-152  АХА 2.839.650-02  7”  23.0-29.0  5,98  142

* Other threads are available upon request.

  • Maxumum differential pressure on the packer is 3625 psi.
  • Packer setting load is 6613-17637 lbf.
  • The type of the used cable of ESP is agreed with the Customer.

Upon customer request hydraulic packer for ESP can be manufactured with the penetrator for 7” and 9 5/8” casings


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