Excursion to the Ancient city of Bulgar

Excursion to the Ancient city of Bulgar

The previous day we finished our participation in the 23rd International specialized exhibition “Oil. Gas. Petrochemicals" in Kazan. We had packed the exhibition equipment and were ready to get our trip home, but our director Marat Nagumanov invited us to visit Ancient city Bulgar!»

It was my first time visiting the city. The place turned out to be unusually beautiful in nature and of high historical value.

From Wikipedia we know that: Bulgar (Tatar. - Bolğar, Chuvash. - Пăлхар) — is an ancient city in Volzhsk and Kama region Bulgaria, later became one of the biggest cities in nomad camp of the Golden Horde. It is a fortress near modern town Bolgar of the republic of Tatarstan. It was founded in the 10th century. In the 38th session of the Committee of the Whole world heritage that has take place ob the 23rd of June 2014, this city being a historical and archeological complex was decided to be included into the List of Whole world heritage.

We started our excursion with Bolgar Civilization Museum. In the center of this museum’s hall there is a big monument to the famous medieval Bulgar poet – Kul Gali (you see it in the picture).

A very polite museum guide met us and the following three hours went in one breath.

There are a lot of different archeological finds and evidence which surprise by in what excellent condition they survived.

When you are in contact with antiquity, just stop for a moment and imagine people of those times their thoughts, their deeds and their culture.

One of interesting objects is the Khan Palace that is situated in the territory of old Golden Horde cemetery. Unfortunately now we can witness only ruins of that Palace. That ruins are covered by umbrella dome with purlin roof which architecturally remind of eastern style of the Middle Ages.

Also we visited the “Black Chamber house” which in fact is built of travertine. And it became “black” by different legends.

The most impressive for me is “White Mosque”.It is like from story-book “The Arabian Nights”.

We had a very warm and pleasant impression after the excursion. I felt myself like a little part of something great and eternal. Especially pleasant to realize that you are a member of the company SPF “Paker” which helps to reconstruct and save historical monuments and architecture and culture, and donates to the Republic Fond “Revival” and museum complex “Ancient city Bulgar”. All these help us to make this Ancient city property of the people and pride to our children.

Head of sales and service development in Russia, Khalilov Ruslan


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