Social policy

In order to preserve the health

of the employees, in all the

premises there are coolers with

bottled water

Recreation area for employees

Lounge for drivers coming for finished products

Table for fito-tea

Free meals for all the employees ( TIPI is only kept -

13% of the cost of food)


Showers for employees

Shoe dryer

Washing of work clothes in the laundry room

In the locker room of the production personnel, 

the lockers are assigned to specific employees

Minor repairs of work clothes

Training of employees

We believe that people are the most important element in any kind of business. Total success of a company depends on a staff skills, talents and attitudes. That’s why management of SPF Paker LLC pays attention to a social prosperity not less than to a production questions.

medical attendanceIn 2004 we opened a medical department, which provides treatment, healthful and prophylactic procedures to a staff, and also their closest relatives could apply for a medicine aid here.

Once every three months our staff gets vitamins, in periods of virus infections we could pass vaccine treatment, in every office there are tables with an herbal tea on it.

social-ski-trackFirm gives free tickets to those who wish to subscribe for a going to swimming-pool, gym, shaping, and yoga courses. There are some discounts for visiting preventative clinic or a dentist.

In autumn 2010, we start a campaign for a struggle with smoking. For getting rid of nicotine dependence we invite an acupuncture doctor, medical department gives daily consultation. In the firm`s library there are a big collection of foreign and local books, which helps to give up smoking. As of the start of 2012, 112 people put away their bad habit. Nonsmoking staff gets fruit package every month.

social-canteenIn June, 2010 SPF Paker opened a canteen, which suggests 3 types of food: ordinary feeding, dietic feeding and semi-portion feeding.

social-retireesSPF Paker doesn`t forget about their retirees. Regularly firm helps them with a moneyed assistance, at the date of “Day for the Elderly” celebratory dinner is holding every year.



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