SPF Paker is the winner of the rating "TekhUspekh 2014".



 As part of the III Moscow International Forum "Open Innovation" the results of the National rating "TekhUspekh - 2014" were summed up.

15th October, 2014, a round table ’’TekhUspekh 2014’’ was organized on the second day of the Forum: “Barriers and prospects of the development of Russian technology companies", after which the presentation of diplomas to the leaders of the rating was held, including SPF Paker.

Science and Production Firm Paker entered the Top - 30 Innovative Companies of the technology level of output product, its modernity, and intellectual property, implementation of high technology solutions, as well as R & D expenses and technological innovation.

The leaders who were capable of playing a key role in the development and upgrading of domestic industries were determined by the National rating ‘’TekhUspekh’’.

Please see the detailed information on http://www.ratingtechup.ru/rate/?TOP=30

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