in 2008-2011 SPF Paker LLC opened 5 service centers and representation offices in the regions of Russian Federation. 
Highly qualified specialists work in these service centers which are equipped with modern equipment thus allowing to provide the following range of services: 
• Selection and rental of packer assemblies manufactured by SPF Paker LLC for Hydraulic Fracturing, Formation Pressure Maintenance, operation, intensification and workover of oil and gas wells; 
• Engineering and technological services with packer equipment (transportation of equipment to the facility, erection, setting and releasing), selection of equipment with development of efficient methods for its use, as applied to conditions of customer with application of our own techniques; 
• Development and manufacture of nonstandard packer and other equipment according to the requirements of the customer; 
• Repair of the whole list of packer equipment manufactured by SPF Paker LLC. 
SPF Paker sales its products to Rus- sian Federation companies and to the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan).



In the autumn of 2008 in the midst of global economic crisis, a team of professionals of SPF Paker successfully mastered a new activity direction metalwork of the products according to the customers drawings.
A high level of quality, individual approach to each client proved that SPF Paker is a reliable partner in the production of non- core products, which, in its turn, contributed to the development of long-term relationships with the companies of engineering and defense industries and research institutes.
The existing enterprise philosophy of “lean production” contrib- utes to the achievement of a constant high level of quality and compliance with the standards; the guarantee of the result con- sistency and its improvement is the certification in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2008.