1PROK-IVE-1 Single-Packer BHA for Wells Operation with Submersible Electric Pump with Simultaneous Isolation of Leak Interval Located Above (rated up to 3626 psi)

It is used for oil extraction with pumps and with simultaneous insulation of upstream leakage interval with water production in the production casing with nominal outside diameter of pipes 140-178 mm.


  • to turn the well back on after a non-production or shutdown period due to a high water-cut of the product, to put the well back to the stock of producing wells; 
  • to develop the well drainage area with the maximum possible output of hydrocarbon reserves;
  • to isolate a water inflow or leak interval in a fast, reliable and cost-effective manner;
  • to avoid expensive remedial works (cost savings up to 1 mln rub.).


  • reliable isolation of the production string leaking section;
  • attachments:
    • safety assembly enables to release the packer in case of complications related to its head padding thus enhancing the safety during workover and emergency works;
    • check flush valve provides conditions for wells production with minimum possible complications and maximum oil flow rate. The valve enables to flush the pump cavity in the course of well production or to treat the pump with various chemical agents;
    • makes the assembly of the BHA possible at subzero temperature of the environment.


  • Testimonial from “Samaraneftegaz” OJSC
  • Testimonial from “Samotlorneftegaz” OJSC


  • Oil. Gas. Novation 12.2012 “Technologies and equipment to reduce expenses in squeeze cementing”
Code Casing pipe, mm Outside diameter of packaging, mm Diameter of pass, mm (at least) Connecting thread of packaging1 thread of smooth tubing as per GOST 633-80
Nominal diameter Thickness of walls Top (coupling) Bottom (nipple)
1ПРОК-ИВЭ-1-118-50-250-Т150-КЗ-Х2 140 6,2-7,7 118 50 73
146 9,5-10,7
1ПРОК-ИВЭ-1-122-50-250-Т150-КЗ-Х2 146 6,5-9,5 122
1ПРОК-ИВЭ-1-142-60-250-Т150-КЗ-Х2 168 7-9 142 60 89 73
1ПРОК-ИВЭ-1-152-60-250-Т150-КЗ-Х2 178 7-12,7 152

1Top of packaging is coupling of the safety unit, bottom of packaging is nipple of the back-pressure circulating valve (upon request they can be completed with crossover subs according to used dimensional size of tubing).

2Number of a complete set.

An example of designation of the first complete set for 150˚C temperature when ordering:

1ПРОК-ИВЭ-1-118-50-250-Т150-КЗ-1 where:

  • 1PROK - one-packer packaging of the NPF "Paker" LLC;
  • IVE - for insulation of the upstream leakage interval of the production casing during well operation by electric submersible pumps;
  • 1 - one emergency disconnect unit;
  • 118 - outside diameter 118 mm;
  • 50 - a pass channel in the upper part of the packaging is 50 mm;
  • 250 - maximal pressure drop, atm;
  • T150 - maximal operating temperature 150C˚;
  • K3 - corrosive design K3 (carbon dioxide of more than 10% and hydrochloric acid of up to 20%);
  • 1 - the first complete set.

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