1PROK-UOA-1 Stand-alone Single-packer BHA for Well Pumping Used to Reduce the Water-Cut of Produced Fluid (rated up to 5076 psi)

It is applied in oil production using ESP unit with water-repellent treatment of the bottom-hole area of the well and avoidance of well-killing fluid entering the bottom-hole formation zone in production strings with nominal outside diameter of pipes ranging from 140 to 219 mm.


  • to decrease the water-cut percentage of the well fluid down to 10-30% and enhance oil production (an engineering calculation is needed);
  • to carry out development with maximum output of hydrocarbons due to applying water-repellent treatment of bottom-hole area;
  • to monitor the pump operation parameters and bottom-hole pressure by the dynamic level during the well production;
  • to avoid well-killing fluid contact with bottom-hole area during workover activities of downhole pumping equipment replacement.


  • enables to carry out direct and reverse flushing of the pump cavity during the well production;
  • operation of the wells with high gas ration;
  • disconnection assembly enhances the safety of workover and emergency activities.
Type Casing string, mm BHA outside diameter, mm Passage bore diameter, mm, not less than BHA connection thread as per GOST 633-801
Nominal Diameter Wall thickness Top (coupling) Bottom (nipple)
1PROK-UOA-1-114-50-350-Т1002-К3-X3 140 7-10.5 114 50 73
146 10-12
1PROK-UOA-1-118-50-350-Т1002-К3-X3 140 6-8 118
146 9-11
1PROK-UOA-1-122-50-350-Т10022-К3-X3 146 6.5-9 122
1PROK-UOA-1-140-62-350-Т1002-К3-X3 168 8-11 140 62
178 13.7-15
1PROK-UOA-1-142-62-350-Т1002-К3-X3 168 7.3-8.9 142
178 12.7-15
1PROK-UOA-1-145-62-350-Т1002-К3-X3 168 7.3-8 145
178 8.1-12.7
1PROK-UOA-1-182-80-350-Т1002-К3-X3 219 7.7-14.2 182 80

1Top of BHA is a top packer coupling, bottom of BHA is a nipple of a bottom bypass valve (upon request they can be supplied with subs for the applicable tubing standard sizes).

2Upon specific request BHA can be supplied for Т=150°С.

3BHA number.

Sample order code for the BHA of the first configuration for T=100°С:

1PROK-YOA-1-114-50-350-Т100-К3-1, where:

  • 1PROK – single-packer BHA by NPF “Paker” Ltd.;
  • UOA – stand-alone BHA to reduce the water-cut of the produced fluid;
  • 1 – one emergency disconnection assembly;
  • 114 – outside diameter is 114 mm;
  • 50 – passage-bore is 50 mm;
  • 350 – maximum pressure differential, atm;
  • Т100 – maximum operating temperature is 100°С;
  • К3 – K3 corrosion-resistant version (carbon dioxide is over 10% and hydrochloric acid up to 20%);
  • 1 – the first configuration.

Sample code of BHA of the first configuration for T=150°С 

  • 1PROK-UOA-1-114-50-350-Т150-К3-1

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