IPM Mechanical ON/OFF tool

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IPM Mechanical ON/OFF tool

IPM Mechanical ON/OFF tool

It is designed for the tubing string connection and disconnection with the stand-alone packer and anchor equipment in the production string.

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  • for oil and gas wells operation;
  • for remedial works and other well workover operations.


  • high reliability of the setting tool sealing assembly enables to carry out annulus pressure testing of a packer and subsequent disconnection from it after running the tool together with the packer into the well and subsequent setting of the packer;
  • this tool can be used multiply;
  • using this tool allows to reduce material costs significantly during remedial works and other well workover operations.


  • the complete set of IPM consists of a tool for setting a stand-alone packer and subsequent disconnection from the tubing, a tool for connection between the tubing and a stand-alone packer and anchor equipment and its further release and retrieval from the well;
  • after a packer is set into the well the tool and the tubing are disconnected from it by a 5 to 8 turn right-hand rotation of the tubing with simultaneous unloading of the tool from the weight of the run-in tubing;
  • tool attachment: the top part (run-in) and the bottom part (left in the well) are attached by application of an axial force (without rotation) within the range of 60 to 90 kN generated by the weight of the tubing.


Type Design Documentation Code Casing ID, in Maximum inner and outer pressure sensed by the tool, psi Maximum axial load transferred to the packer through the tool, lbf (not more than) OD, in (not more than) ID, in Length, in (not more than) Weight, lb (not more than) NUE connection thread*
Min Max Top (box) Bottom (nipple)
IPM-114 AXA 4.241.001 4.77 4.96 5075 44000 4.49 1.96 26.96 77 2 7/8”
IPM-118 AXA 4.241.001-01 4.90 5.19 4.65 92.4
IPM-140 AXA 2.839.258 5.74 5.98 5 1/2” 2.44 26.57 110 3 1/2”

* Other threads are available upon request.

The tool is available in the following configurations:

No. SPTA kit Tool for Т=100°С Tool for Т=150°С
Type Design Documentation code Type Design Documentation code


IPM-114-50-350-Т100-К3-00 AHA 4.241.001/00 IPM-114-50-350-Т150-К3-00 AHA 4.241.001-20/00

Minimum SPTA 01

IPM-114-50-350-Т100-К3-01 AHA 4.241.001/01 IPM-114-50-350-Т150-К3-01 AHA 4.241.001-20/01

Standard SPTA 02

IPM-114-50-350-Т100-К3-02 AHA 4.241.001/02 IPM-114-50-350-Т150-К3-02 AHA 4.241.001-20/02

Standard Plus SPTA 03

IPM-114-50-350-Т100-К3-03 AHA 4.241.001/03 IPM-114-50-350-Т150-К3-03 AHA 4.241.001-20/03

Maximum SPTA 04

IPM-114-50-350-Т100-К3-04 AHA 4.241.001/04 IPM-114-50-350-Т150-К3-04 AHA 4.241.001-20/04

Sample order code for the setting tool in “Standard SPTA 02” configuration:

  • for Т=100°С — IPM-114-50-350-Т100-К3-02 AHA 4.241.001/02;
  • for Т=150°С — IPM5-114-50-350-Т150-К3-02 AHA 4.241.001-20/02.


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