KPG Bypass Gas Valve for Operation in Multi-Packer BHAs during Well Completion and Production (up to 5000 psi)

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KPG Bypass Gas Valve for Operation in Multi-Packer BHAs during Well Completion and Production (up to 5000 psi)

KPG Bypass Gas Valve for Operation in Multi-Packer BHAs during Well Completion and Production (up to 5000 psi)

It is designed for communication and pressure-tight separation of the tubing interior and annulus.

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  • flowing well operation;
  • well operation using sucker-rod pumping units;
  • mixed well operation (start-up with a pump and flowing operation when the pump shuts down).


  • wide range of valve’s flow capacity adjustment;
  • the valve can be used in emergency situations to kill the well;
  • in case KPG valves are installed below the packer the water-cut of the product can be reduced to 10-30% (engineering calculation is required).


  • simple design;
  • absence of rubber sealing elements.


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Parameter, unit of measurement KPG-108-62(28)-350-Т200-К3 KPG-82-50(13)-350-Т200-К3
AHA 2.505.011 AHA 2.505.033
Minimum inner diameter of the production string, mm 112 87
Maximum operating ambient temperature, °С 200 200
Maximum inner pressure sensed by the valve in closed position (inside the tubing), MPa 35 351
Pressure differential required to open the valve, MPa (not more than) 0.01 0.01
Dimensions, mm:
- outside diameter (not more than) 108 82
- minimum diameter of the passage bore 62 50
- length, not more than 195 260
Weight, kg (not more than) 15 4
Equivalent diameter of the side ports, mm (maximum) 281 131
Well inclination angle in the installation point, degree (not more than) 25 25
Plain-end tubing connection thread as per GOST 633–80: 73 60
- in top part (coupling)
- in bottom part (nipple)

1Adjusted by the number of the nozzles.


No. SPTA kit Valve for Т=100°С
Type Design Documentation Code
1 Zero KPG-108-62(28)-350-Т200-К3-00 AHA 2.505.011/00
2 Minimum SPTA 01 KPG-108-62(28)-350-Т200-К3-01 AHA 2.505.011/01
3 Standard SPTA 02 KPG-108-62(28)-350-Т200-К3-02 AHA 2.505.011/02
4 Standard Plus SPTA 03 KPG-108-62(28)-350-Т200-К3-03 AHA 2.505.011/03
5 Maximum SPTA 04 KPG-108-62(28)-350-Т200-К3-04 AHA 2.505.011/04

Sample order code for the valve in “Zero” configuration:

  • for Т=200°С KPG-108-62(28)-350-Т200-К3-00, AHA 2.505.011/00;

Sample order code for the valve in “Standard SPTA 02” configuration:

  • for Т=200°С KPG-108-62(28)-350-Т200-К3-02, AHA 2.505.011/02.


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