MRG Hydraulic Split Sleeve

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MRG Hydraulic Split Sleeve

MRG Hydraulic Split Sleeve

It is designed for disconnection of the tubing string in case of complications with tripping the downhole equipment in and out.

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  • flowing and gaslift well operation;
  • well pumping;
  • in packer downhole BHAs during well operations or downhole procedures;
  • used with P-EGM packer.


  • in case of complications it enables to disconnect downhole equipment and tubing string in the MRG installation point;
  • reduces the risk of serious complications during well pumping with ESP units, with high scale build-up;
  • the sleeve contains a spline joint that provides torque transmission via the tubing string to the equipment installed below.


  • it has movable cams to connect the case and the rod;
  • it has a movable bushing and a ball to disconnect the case and the rod.


  • Testimonial from OJSC “Samaraneftegaz”
  • Testimonial from OJSC “TNK-Nizhnevartovsk”


  • Oilfield Engineering, No. 1 2012 “Underground equipment for the efficient operation of wells with abnormal operating conditions”


Parameter, unit of measurement MRG-93 MRG-108
Casing ID, in (not less than) 4 4.5
Maximum pressure differential, psi 5000
Diameter of the ball used to open the valve, in 2.16 2.56
Dimensions, in:
- OD; 3.66 4.25
- ID; 2.08 2.44
- length. 1.59 1.59
Weight, lb, not more than 28.6 39.2
Pressure differential to disconnect the sleeve
(after the ball is dropped), psi
NUE connection thread* 2 7/8” 3 1/2”
Top (box)
Bottom (nipple)

* Other threads are available upon request.

1 Modified by the number of the shear pins

MRG Sleeve is available in the following configurations:

No. SPTA kit Sleeve for Т=100°С Sleeve for Т=150°С
Type Design Documentation code Type Design Documentation code
1 Zero MRG-93-53-350-Т100-К3-00 AHA MRG-93-53-350-Т150-К3-00 AHA
2 Minimum SPTA 01 MRG-93-53-350-Т100-К3-01 AHA MRG-93-53-350-Т150-К3-01 AHA
3 Standard SPTA 02 MRG-93-53-350-Т100-К3-02 AHA MRG-93-53-350-Т150-К3-02 AHA
4 Standard Plus SPTA 03 MRG-93-53-350-Т100-К3-03 AHA MRG-93-53-350-Т150-К3-03 AHA
5 Maximum SPTA 04 MRG-93-53-350-Т100-К3-04 AHA MRG-93-53-350-Т150-К3-04 AHA

Sample order code for the sleeve in “Zero” configuration:

  • for Т=100°С — MRG-89-48-350-Т100-К3-00 AHA;
  • for Т=150°С — MRG-89-48-350-Т150-К3-00 AHA

Sample order code for the sleeve in “Standard SPTA 02” configuration:

  • for Т=100°С — MRG-89-48-350-Т100-К3-02 AHA;
  • for Т=150°С — MRG-89-48-350-Т150-К3-02 AHA


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