PRO-YAVZHT Bottomhole Packer with Adjustable Unsetting Pressure and Top Mechanical Anchor (rated up to 5076 psi)

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PRO-YAVZHT Bottomhole Packer with Adjustable Unsetting Pressure and Top Mechanical Anchor (rated up to 5076 psi)

PRO-YAVZHT Bottomhole Packer with Adjustable Unsetting Pressure and Top Mechanical Anchor (rated up to 5076 psi)

It is designed for a long-term sealed separation of the casing string intervals and protection of the casing against the dynamic effect of various well operations.

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  • recommended for a long-term autonomous (without tubing) isolation of the production string interval that is leaking or has to be separated during the well production with the use of submersible pump as a part of two-packer BHA comprising the top PRO-YAVZHT or PRO-YAVZHT-S packer, bottom packer, IPM (or IPG) setting tool and a sludge trap;
  • for a long-term autonomous (independent from connection to the tubing) isolation of casing string damaged interval;
  • for pumping water into injection wells;
  • for formation separation during multiple-zone production and multiple-zone injection;


  • packers contain expandable supports to prevent rubber seal elements extrusion into annulus which increases the reliability of sealing and relieves packers unsetting;
  • ability to tension the tubing string after the packer is seated without breaking the sealed separation of the production string intervals;
  • top mechanical anchor fixed against rotation in relation to its rod, enables to avoid unsealing of the autonomous packer when IPM mechanical setting tool is turned away from it;
  • packers contain a bottom rod and bottom case and their flexible connection is pressure-tight which allows to use this packer in two-packer BHAs;
  • packers are equipped with a wedge key which provides the transmission of the torque to the string or equipment below the packer;
  • ease to release without additional tensile load;


  • packers don’t have the bottom anchoring device and they are designed to be seated against the bottomhole or another packer located below;
  • packers contain a top mechanical anchoring device which is actuated at a certain value of the axial compression load generated by the weight of the load located above the packer;
  • PRO-YAVZHT packer can be used multiply for one tripping operation;
  • PRO-YAVZHT-S packer contains shear pins and their number selection provides the adjustable load for the initial setting when the packer is used as a top packer in a two-packer BHA;
  • High repairability.


Type Design Documentation Code Casing string, mm Casing string, mm Passage bore diameter, mm (not less than) Length, mm (not more than) Weight, kg (not more than) Plain-end tubing connection thread as per GOST 633-80
Nominal Diameter Nominal Diameter Top (coupling) Bottom (coupling)
PRO-YAVZHT-114-46(593)-350-Т1002-К3 AHA 2.839.323-03 140 7-10.5 114 46(593) 2040 75 73 102 (734)
146 10-12
PRO-YAVZHT-118-46(593)-350-Т1002-К3 AHA 2.839.323-06 140 6-8 118 79
146 9-11
PRO-YAVZHT-122-46(593)-350-Т1002-К3 AHA 2.839.323-07 146 6.5-9 122 82
PRO-YAVZHT-140-59-350-Т1002-К3 AHA 2.839.324 168 7.3-11 140 59 2365 95 89   114 (894)
178 12.7-15.0
PRO-YAVZHT-142-59-350-Т1002-К3 AHA 2.839.324-01 168 7.3-11 142
PRO-YAVZHT-145-59-350-Т1002-К3 AHA 2.839.325 168 7.3 145 2407 97
178 8.1-12.7
PRO-YAVZHT-S--114-50(593)-350-Т1002-К31 AHA 2.839.347 140 7-10.5 114 50(593) 2590 86 73 102 (734)
146 10-12
PRO-YAVZHT-S-118-50(593)-350-Т1002-К31 AHA 2.839.347-01 140 6-8 118 90
146 9-11
PRO-YAVZHT-S-122-50(593)-350-Т1002-К31 AHA 2.839.347-02 146 6.5-9 122 93
PRO-YAVZHT-S-140-59-350-Т1002-К31 AHA 2.839.386 168 7.3-11 140 59 2700 117 89   114 (894)
178 12.7-15.0
PRO-YAVZHT-S-142-59-350-Т1002-К31 AHA 2.839.386-01 168 7.3-11 142
PRO-YAVZHT-S-145-59-350-Т1002-К31 AHA 2.839.379 168 7.3 145 2790
178 8.1-12.7

1PRO-YAVZH-T-S packers have shear pins with the adjustable setting load 8-16 t. The admissible tubing tensioning value after the packer is seated is preset by the manufacturer upon the customer’s request within the range of 50-120 kN (5-12t.).

2When placing an order for equipment for Т=150°С, please indicate Т150. 

3At the stage of development and bench testing 

4Standard configuration packer is equipped with a sub (for 114/118/122 packer sizes - the relevant sub nipple 102 × nipple 73, for 140/145 packer sizes – the relevant sub nipple 114 × nipple 89). Upon customer request the packer can be equipped with any other sub or a centralizer sub for connection to the tubing.

  • Maximum pressure differential across the packer is 5076 psi.
  • Packer setting load is 120-160 kN.
  • Upon special request packer setting device can be equipped with two rubber sealing elements.
  • Upon customer's request packers can be manufactured with other sizes.


No. SPTA kit Packers for Т=100°С Packers for Т=150°С
Type Design Documentation code Type Design Documentation code
1 Zero PRO-YAVZHT-140-59-350-Т100-К3-00 AHA 2.839.324/00 PRO-YAVZHT -140-59-350-Т150-К3-00 AHA 2.839.324-20/00
2 Minimum SPTA 01 PRO-YAVZHT-140-59-350-Т100-К3-01 AHA 2.839.324/01 PRO-YAVZHT -140-59-350-Т150-К3-01 AHA 2.839.324-20/01
3 Standard SPTA 02 PRO-YAVZHT-140-59-350-Т100-К3-02 AHA 2.839.324/02 ПРО-ЯВЖТ-140-59-350-Т150-К3-02 AHA 2.839.324-20/02
4 Standard Plus SPTA 03 PRO-YAVZHT-140-59-350-Т100-К3-03 AHA 2.839.324/03 PRO-YAVZHT -140-59-350-Т150-К3-03 AHA 2.839.324-20/03
5 Maximum SPTA 04 PRO-YAVZHT-140-59-350-Т100-К3-04 AHA 2.839.324/04 PRO-YAVZHT -140-59-350-Т150-К3-04 AHA 2.839.324-20/04

Sample code for ordering packer in “Zero” configuration:

  • for Т=100 ºС — PRO-YAVZHT-140-59-350-Т100-К3-00 AHA 2.839.324/00;
  • for Т=150 ºС — PRO-YAVZHT-140-59-350-Т150-К3-00 AHA 2.839.324-20/00

Sample code for ordering packer in “Standard SPTA 02” configuration:

  • for Т=100 ºС — PRO-YAVZHT-140-59-350-Т100-К3-02 AHA 2.839.324/02.
  • for Т=150 ºС — PRO-YAVZHT-140-59-350-Т150-К3-02 AHA 2.839.324-20/02


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