YAKPRO-CPG-1 Anchor BHA for well operation with ESP units

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YAKPRO-CPG-1 Anchor BHA for well operation with ESP units

YAKPRO-CPG-1 Anchor BHA for well operation with ESP units

It is designed for operation of the wells with high gas ratio well fluid with submersible pump equipment. It allows to operate with the closed tubing using APG gaslift effect for production strings with nominal outside diameter of 140 (5 1/2")-178 mm (7").

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  • to reduce pumping unit vibration;
  • to extend the overhaul period of the submersible pump;
  • to reduce production costs;
  • to ensure a more complete output of the reserves from a well drainage area;
  • to reduce load on tubing;
  • to perform direct flushing of ESP unit.


  • allows to operate wells with such gas factors values at which submersible pump units cannot operate in a continuous mode;
  • reduces the bringing out of the mechanical rock particles from a formation together with well fluid;
  • excludes hydrate plugging of the passages in Xmas tree especially in autumn and winter period;
  • increases the formation fluid flow rate due to APG gaslift effect;
  • extends the overhaul period of a well due to the reduced vibration of the pump unit.


Type Casing string, mm BHA Outside diameter, mm Passage bore diameter, mm, not less than BHA connection thread as per GOST 633-801
Nominal Diameter Wall thickness Top (coupling) Bottom (nipple)
YAKPRO-CPG-1-118-50-350-Т1002-К3-Х3 140 7-8 118 50 73
146 9-11
YAKPRO-CPG -1-122-50-350-Т1002-К3-Х3 146 6.5-5 122
YAKPRO-CPG -1-136-52-350-Т1002-К3-Х3 168 10-12 136 52
YAKPRO-CPG -1-142-52-350-Т1002-К3-Х3 168 7-9 142
YAKPRO-CPG -1-145-62-350-Т1002-К3-Х3 178 7-14 145 62
YAKPRO-CPG -1-158-62-350-Т1002-К3-Х3 194 7-14 158
YAKPRO-CPG -1-182-62-350-Т1002-К3-Х3 219 8-14 182
YAKPRO-CPG -1-204-62-350-Т1002-К3-Х3 245 9-15 204

1 BHA top – bypass valve coupling, BHA bottom – check valve nipple (upon request it can be supplied with subs for applicable standard tubing sizes). 

2 Upon specific request versions for Т=150°С are available. 

3 Configuration number.

Sample code for ordering the first BHA configuration for a temperature of 100°С when placing an order for YAKPRO-CPG-1-118-50-350-Т100-К3-1, where:

  • YAKPRO – anchor BHA by NPF “Paker” Ltd.;
  • CPG – cyclic bypass of gas;
  • 1 – one emergency disconnection assembly;
  • 118 – outside diameter 118 mm;
  • 48 – passage bore 48 mm;
  • 350 – maximum pressure difference, atm.;
  • Т100 – maximum operating temperature of 100°С;
  • К3 – K3 corrosion resistant version (more than 10% of carbon dioxide and up to 20% of hydrochloric acid); 
  • 1 – first configuration.

Sample order code for BHA of the first configuration for temperature of 150°С –

  • YAKPRO-CPG-1-114-50-350-Т150-К3-1.

BHA is supplied only with the engineering support which includes:

  • Designer calculation of the BHA scheme;
  • Follow-up calculation of introduction efficiency. 


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