IUG Hydraulic Setting Tool

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IUG Hydraulic Setting Tool

IUG Hydraulic Setting Tool

It is designed for tripping in and setting of PRZ drillable plug.

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  • simple design;
  • this tool can be used multiply;
  • enlarged passage bore;
  • IUG design allows to pump fluid for circulation along the string and not into formation.


  • easy disconnection after setting of the cementing drillable plug;
  • possibility of emergency disconnection by tensioning.


Type Code Outside diameter, mm Passage bore diameter, mm
(not less than)
Operating setting and disconnection pressure, MPa Length, mm
(not more than)
Weight, kg Plain-end tubing connection thread as per GOST 633-80 (coupling) Drillable Plug
IUG-82-21-350-Т1001-К3 AHA 5.889.007 82 21 15-17 2327 30 60 PRZ-82-38,5-350-Т1001-К12
88 PRZ -88-38,5-350-Т1001-К13
92 PRZ -92-38,5-350-Т1001-К13
100 PRZ -100-38,5-350-Т1001-К13
IUG -114-44-350-Т1001-К3 AHA 5.889.010 114 44 2781 58 73 PRZ -114-38,5-350-Т1001-К1
PRZ -120-38,5-350-Т1001-К1
IUG -140-48-350-Т1001-К3 AHA 5.889.009.01 140 48 2605 70 PRZ -140-38,5-350-Т1001-К1
PRZ -148-38,5-350-Т1001-К1

1 when placing an order for equipment for Т=150°С, please indicate Т150.

2 at the well pilot testing stage.

3 at the bench testing stage.

Maximum differential pressure on IUG is 5076 psi.

Sample order code for IUG for 100°С:

  • IUG-114-44-350-Т100-К1 AHA 5.889.010


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