KCM Multiple-use Circulating Valve (rated to 10 000 psi)

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KCM Multiple-use Circulating Valve (rated to 10 000 psi)

KCM Multiple-use Circulating Valve (rated to 10 000 psi)

It is designed for sealed separation and communication between the annulus and the interior of tubing.

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  • in emergency situations to kill the well when used jointly with a packer;
  • in combination with a packer during formation hydraulic fracturing as well as various well operations in the course of well completion and operation.


  • these valves can be used multiply for one tripping operation;
  • proven by years of successful application experience;
  • low price;
  • high repairability.


  • the valve is opened by generating annulus pressure that exceeds the pressure inside the valve and the tubing.


  • Testimonial from “TatneftLeninogorskRemServis” Ltd.


Type Code Minimum inner diameter for the production string, mm. Pressure differential required to initially open the valve, MPa Maximum temperature for the operating environment, ºС Pressure differential required to open the valve in case the ring breaks up (after the initial opening), MPa Equivalent diameter for the side ports, mm Maximum inner pressure sensed by the valve (inside the tubing), MPa Overall dimensions, mm: Weight, kg, not more than Plain-end tubing connection thread as per GOST 633-80:
outer diameter, not more than passage bore diameter length, not more than
KCM-112-60(21)-500-Т1001-К3 AHA 2.505.021 118.7 7.5±12 100 (1501) 2±1 21 50 112 60 543 23,5 89
KCM-114-60(21)-700-Т1001-К3 AHA 2.505.001 118.7 70 114 60 533 18
KCM-118-60(21)-700-Т1001-К3 AHA 2.505.001-01 124.7 118 60 20
KCM-136-76(27)-700-Т1001-К3 AHA 2.505.002 144.1 27 136 76 615 38
KCM-140-76(27)-700-Т1001-К3 AHA 2.505.002-01 147.1 140 76 41

1 when placing an order for equipment for Т=150°С, please indicate Т150.

2 Pressure differential required to initially open the valve can be modified upon the customer’s request within the range of 6 to 16 MPa.


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