P-YAMOG-KB Mechanical Axial-set Packer with an Integrated Hydraulic Anchor, Balancing Valve and Bypass (rated operating pressure up to 70 MPa)

It is designed for sealed separation of casing string intervals and protection of the casing against the dynamic effect of various well operations.


  • Recommended for multiple massive hydraulic fracturing in one round-trip in wells with the risk of complicated release after HF;
  • for pressure testing and leak finding in the casing string;
  • for pressure treatment of formations with chemical agents;
  • for remedial works and other well operations which require generating high pressure difference across the packer.


  • enlarged passage bore of 50 mm for casing strings with the nominal diameter of 140-146 mm;
  • reliable sealing of the production string in the course of operations which require generating high pressure difference across the packer;
  • easy packer releasing without additional tensile load;
  • long-term performance efficiency at high pressure differences up to 70 MPa and temperatures up to 150 °С;
  • multiple use within one round-trip;
  • high repairability.


  • packer design comprises a bypass which is open when the tool runs in and shuts off when the tool is set and a balancing valve;
  • packer is set into the well mechanically by axial movements of the string (tubing rotation is not required) and brought into transit position by tensioning of the string;
  • to equalize the pressure above and below the packer it’s sufficient to lift the tubing string at not less than 0.5 m;
  • when the string is moved upwards the packer gets automatically released and goes back to its transit position;
  • enlarged passage bore enables to pump a large volume of proppant during one trip-in operation;
  • an integrated hydraulic anchor protected from contact with process fluid during pumping.


Type Design Documentation Code Casing string, mm Outside diameter, mm Passage bore diameter, mm Length, mm (not more than) Weight, kg (not more than) Plain-end tubing connection thread as per GOST 633-80
Nominal Diameter Wall thickness Top (coupling) Bottom (nipple)
P-YAMOG-KB-118-50-700-Т1001-К3 АHА 2.839.351 140 6.2 to 7.7 120.5 50 2150 88 73
146 9.5 to 10.7
P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т1001-К3 АHА 2.839.351-01 146 6.5 to 9.5 122 92

1 when placing an order for equipment for Т=150°С, please indicate Т150.

  • Packer setting load is 60 to 120 kN.
  • Upon special request packer setting device can be equipped with two rubber sealing elements.
  • Upon Customer’s request a packer can be manufactured with other sizes.

The packer is available in the following configurations:

No SPTA kit Packers for Т=100°С Packers for Т=150°С
Type Design Documentation code Type Design Documentation code
1 Zero P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т100-К3-00 АHА 2.839.351-01/00 P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т150-К3-00 АHА 2.839.351-21/00
2 Minimum SPTA 01 P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т100-К3-01 АHА 2.839.351-01/01 P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т150-К3-01 АHА 2.839.351-21/01
3 Standard SPTA 02 P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т100-К3-02 АHА 2.839.351-01/02 P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т150-К3-02 АHА 2.839.351-21/02
4 Standard Plus SPTA 03 P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т100-К3-03 АHА 2.839.351-01/03 P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т150-К3-03 АHА 2.839.351-21/03
5 Maximum SPTA 04 P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т100-К3-04 АHА 2.839.351-01/04 P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т150-К3-04 АHА 2.839.351-21/04

Sample code for ordering packer in “Standard SPTA 02” configuration:

  • for Т=100 ºС – P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т100-К3-02 АHА 2.839.351-01/02.
  • for Т=150 ºС – P-YAMOG-KB-122-50-700-Т150-К3-02 АHА 2.839.351-21/02.

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