This sub is designed to easily disconnect tubing from stuck downhole equipment during well operations. 


  • for formation hydraulic fracturing;
  • for pumping water in injection wells;
  • for oil and gas wells operation;
  • for squeeze cementing and other well operations during which downhole equipment can get stuck.


  • in case equipment gets stuck disconnection is carried out by right hand rotation of the tubing string.


  • connection pressure-tightness is ensured without rubber sealing elements.             
Parameter, unit of measurement PB60-78-50-700-Т200-К3 PB73-93-62-700-Т200-К3 PB89-114-76-700-Т200-К3
AHA 6.340.006 AHA 6.340.001 AHA 6.340.003
Maximum inner pressure (inside the tubing), MPa 70
Dimensions, mm, not more than:
- outside diameter; 78 93.2 114
- length; 306 306 340
- passage bore diameter 50 62 76
Weight, kg, not more than 5 7 12
Plain-end tubing connection thread as per GOST 633-80: 60 73 89
- at the top (coupling);
- at the bottom (nipple).

Safety subs with different sizes and various connection threads can be manufactured upon customer’s request. 

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