PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU Axial Mechanical Set Packers with Integrated Hydraulic Anchor and Equalizing Valve (rated operating pressure up to 70 MPa)

These packers are designed:

  • for sealed separation of casing string intervals and protection of the casing against the dynamic effect of various well operations;
  • to equalize the annulus pressure above the packer and the pressure inside the tubing string;
  • for pressure testing of the tubing above the packer.


  • Recommended for multiple massive hydraulic fracturing in one round-trip;
  • for pressure testing and leak finding in the casing string;
  • for pressure acidizing.


  • packers contain expandable supports to prevent rubber seal elements extrusion into annulus which increases the reliability of sealing and relieves packers unsetting;
  • enlarged passage of 53 mm for casing strings with nominal diameter of 140 to146 mm;
  • reliable sealing of production string during operations requiring high pressure differential on the packer;
  • easy to release without additional tensile loads;
  • pressure testing seat in the top part of packer allows to carry out pressure testing of the tubing prior to well operations;
  • an integrated mechanical equalizing valve reduces accident rate and allows:
  • in case of hindered release of packer, to equalize pressure above packer and inside the tubing by tensioning the tool upwards in excess of the preset valve actuation force;
  • in case packer gets stuck with the valve in the open position, to flush or kill the well.


  • packer is equipped with an integrated hydraulic anchor to keep the packer from moving upwards which is actuated by generating pressure inside the tubing after setting of the packer;
  • packer is set into the well mechanically by axial movements of the string (no tubing rotation required) and brought into run-in position by tensioning of the string;
  • packer can be used multiply for one round-trip operation;
  • packer’s equipped with an integrated equalizing valve used to equalize the annulus pressure above the packer and pressure inside the tubing string;
  • equalizing valve is mechanically actuated by tensioning the tool upwards;
  • actuation force for the equalizing valve is preset by the manufacturer upon the customer’s request;
  • valve is closed by unloading the tool.


Type Design Documentation Code2 Casing string, mm Outside diameter, mm Passage bore diameter, mm (not less than) Length, mm (not more than) Weight, kg (not more than) Plain-end tubing connection thread as per GOST 633-80
Nominal Diameter Wall thickness Top (coupling) Bottom (nipple)

PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -82-40-700-Т1001-К3

AHA 2.839.360 102 5.5 to 7 82 40 3000   60 48


  114 8.6 to 10.2 88 34  

PRO-YAMOG2(F)-KU -92-34-700-Т1001-К3

  114 6.4 to 7.4 92  

PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -100-40-700-Т1001-К3

  127 9.2 to 10.7 100 40  

PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -104-40-700-Т1001-К3

  127 6.4 to 7.5 104  

PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -112-46-700-Т1001-К3

  140 9 to 11 112 46 3450   73 60
146 12

PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -114-53-700-Т1001-К3

  140 8 to 10 114 53 3500   73 60

PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -116-53-700-Т1001-К3

  140 7 to 9 116  
146 10 to 12

PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -118-53-700-Т1001-К3

  140 7 to 8 118  
146 9.5 to 11

PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -122-53-700-Т1001-К3

AHA 2.839.505 146 6.5 to 9.5 122  


  168 10 to 12 136 58 3600   89 73

PRO-YAMOG1(F)-KU -142-58-700-Т1001-К3

  168 7 to 9 142  

PRO-YAMOG1(F)-KU -145-58-700-Т1001-К3

  178 7 to 14 145 3650  

1 when placing an order for equipment for Т=150°С, please indicate Т150

2 Design documentation is prepared upon the Customer’s request.

  • Maximum differential pressure on the packer is 70 MPa. Packer setting load is 60 to 120 kN.
  • Upon special request packer setting device can be equipped with two rubber sealing elements.
  • The force required to actuate KU valve while tensioning the tool upwards is 1 to 6 tons. This value can be changed upon the Customer’s request.
  • Equivalent diameter of KU valve side ports is 15 mm.

The packer is available in the following configurations:

SPTA kit Packers for Т=100°С Packers for Т=150°С
Type Design Documentation code2 Type  Design Documentation code2


PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU-114-53-700-Т100-К3-00 PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -114-53-700-Т150-К3-00

Minimum SPTA 01

PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU-114-53-700-Т100-К3-01 PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -114-53-700-Т150-К3-01

Standard SPTA 02

PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU-114-53-700-Т100-К3-02 PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -114-53-700-Т150-К3-02

Standard Plus SPTA 03

PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -114-53-700-Т100-К3-03 PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -114-53-700-Т150-К3-03

Maximum SPTA 04

PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -114-53-700-Т100-К3-04 PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -114-53-700-Т150-К3-04

2 Design documentation is prepared upon the Customer’s request.

Sample code for ordering packer in “Standard SPTA 02” configuration:

  • for Т=100°С - PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU-114-53-700-Т100-К3-02;
  • for Т=150°С - PRO-YAMOG3(F)-KU -114-53-700-Т150-К3-02.

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