P-YADZH-G Double acting hydraulic packer (10 000 psi)

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P-YADZH-G Double acting hydraulic packer (10 000 psi)

P-YADZH-G Double acting hydraulic packer (10 000 psi)

These packers are designed for sealed separation of casing string intervals in oil and gas production wells
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  • To provide different technological operations and technologies of production or injection liquid with cycling character of stream course and high differential pressure;
  • Can be used as tubing catcher with tensioning after setting without loss of sealing;
  • To provide large-volume and multi-set hydraulic fracturing;
  • To provide other different technological operations.


  • reliable sealing of production string during operations requiring high pressure differential on the packer up to 10K psi;
  • easy setting in different depth with different inclination angle, multi-set packer;
  • mechanical fixing in set position – possibility of autonomous setting in the well;
  • possibility of tubing tensioning after setting without loss of sealing casing intervals.


  • Setting pressure of packer adjustable with setting share elements
  • After pressure relief packer is staying mechanically set in casing
  • Releasing of packer provides by tubing tensioning as mechanical packers


Type Design
Documentation Code
Casing Maximum differential
pressure, psi
ID, in
Weight, lb,
not more than
NUE connection
OD, in Nominal
 P-YaDZh-G-140-76-700-Т1001-К3  АХА 2.839.647  6 5/8’  24-28  10.000  3”  291  3 ½”  3 ½”
 7”   38-40
 P-YaDZh-G -145-76-700-Т1001-К3  АХА 2.839.647-01  6 5/8’   20-24  10.000  3”  315
 7”   26-38
 P-YaDZh-G -152-76-700-Т1001-К3  АХА 2.839.647-02  7”   23-29  10.000  3”  350


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