ADIPEC – International Oil and Gas Exhibition with a view to the future


ADIPEC – International Oil and Gas Exhibition with a view to the future

The work of the exhibition and conference in Abu Dhabi (the United Arab Emirates) is continuing, their participants are the representatives of SPF Paker LLC. The participants duly appreciated the favourable information environment for successful work during two days of immersion in this business atmosphere.

According to information of our company representatives’ in Abu Dhabi, the international forum scale is impressive: good-sized, light areas of the exhibition centre, conditions created for negotiations, as well as cafes and car parking - all meet the needs of the most sophisticated and exacting representatives of the business community.

After all, the main task of the promoters of the International Exhibition and conference ADIPEC is to allow the participants to make the most provided opportunities.

It is to be recalled that leading national and international companies in the world presented their exhibits at ADIPEC.

The critical issues of the oil and gas industry were discussed during the technical reports and hot debates. The great attention was focused on gas that reflects its increasing share in the global power industry structure. As well as emphasis on an environmental problems were considered. The development and exploitation of oil and gas fields are associated with ecological stress high environmental risks. Therefore, the issue related to the prevention of environmental degradation requires the special attention, and its solution is not least of all dependent on improving production efficiency, updating technologies, implementing innovative methods into the production. Our "tomorrow", life and activities of future generations depend on the ability to ensure environmental safety.

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