Expanding the horizons of cooperation

Expanding the horizons of cooperation

Expanding the horizons of cooperation

A group of specialists in manufacturing localization in the Tyumen Pilot Plant of Geophysical Instrumentation visited SPF "Paker" on a working trip

TPPGI is part of Schlumberger, the large oilfield service company and the world's leading provider of technologies for integrated reservoir evaluation, well construction, production management and processing of hydrocarbons.

— The working trip to SPF Paker for Tyumen specialists pursued several goals. First, get acquainted with the manufacturing potential of our company, the leader of the domestic market in designing and manufacturing packers and anchors equipment and assemblies for oil and gas wells. Secondly, to establish contacts with colleagues who are associated with the production of this equipment, - Dinar Sufiyanov, Director of Packer for Sales Development, commented on the meeting,

After a detailed introductory tour in the company, the guests and hosts continued the meeting at the round table.

The main topic was the discussion of SPF Paker's capabilities in the development of specialized equipment in accordance with the technical requirements of the Tyumen Pilot Plant as part of its import substitution project. As a result, both parties confirmed their mutual interest in such cooperation and agreed to discuss further steps after SPF "Paker" prepares the relevant information for making specific decisions.

The Western sanctions on Russia hit hard on the entire industry, sharply exacerbating the problem of industrial localization and import substitution in general. Both domestic companies and a number of foreign companies, including Schlumberger, which continue to operate in our country, are actively looking for business partners in the Russian market. Moreover, those that have the necessary scientific, technical and production potential, as well as modern competencies for the development and production of products that are not inferior to counterparts in the world. Today SPF "Paker" is such an enterprise.

After the meeting in SPF "Paker", the guests visited the OAMZ "TAPART", a joint venture between the Bashkir Company and Tatneft, where the topic of possible mutually beneficial cooperation was also discussed.



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