«KIOGE-2021" - the path to strategic partnership

«KIOGE-2021" - the path to strategic partnership

«KIOGE-2021" - the path to strategic partnership

The oil and gas complex of Kazakhstan has been the object of strategic market aspirations of SPF Paker for many years. The company's export portfolio includes more than 50 enterprises-consumers of its products and services in this region of the near abroad, covering almost all divisions of the national oil and gas corporation KazMunayGas.

The 27th International Exhibition "Oil and Gas" - KIOGE-2021", which took place in the first decade of October in the capital of Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan, became another reason for strengthening and further development of fruitful partnerships between Paker and Kazakhstani consumers.

"Especially for the exhibition," says the deputy director of Paker for sales Development, Dinar Sufiyanov, "We have prepared a whole series of promotional and informational materials related to the positioning of Paker as a company that develops in the dominant trend of the oil industry. Namely: the intellectualization of oil and gas production based on digital technologies.

First of all, it concerned technologies and equipment for simultaneous separate liquid injection and simultaneous separate oil production. The provision of these processes with digital technologies is currently undergoing a rebirth. Other high-tech operations in oil and gas production, in particular, Paker's new developments in the field of hydraulic fracturing (FRACKING), oil extraction by mechanized methods, well flushing after fracking in absorbing wells, have not been ignored.

The introduction of digital technologies will allow, according to BCG, a reputable international consulting company, to reduce the time and cost of exploration by 50-60%, reduce the development time of engineering projects of deposits by 70%, speed up the commissioning of new wells by 20-30% and make them more productive, increase production by 3-5%, while reducing the cost of maintenance and repair of equipment by 20-30%.

— In total, - says Dinar Sufiyanov, - more than two dozen working meetings were held with existing partners of Paker and its potential customers in Kazakhstan. In addition to the presentation of high-tech innovations using digital technologies and intelligent solutions, a number of current issues on the development of cooperation were discussed. Including with "RD SPF Paker Kazakhstan" LLP - a partner of "Paker" in the friendly republic.

This company supplies equipment and original spare parts with the "Paker" brand throughout the territory of Kazakhstan, independently produces part of the parts according to the "Paker" TU, carries out assembly, testing and output control of equipment. In addition, it provides services for the revision and repair of packer-anchor equipment, equipment rental and rental, as well as engineering support services for packer layouts with simultaneous training of customer representatives.

- Meetings with other manufacturers of oil and gas equipment from the Republic of Bashkortostan, represented at the general exposition, on the subject of partnership and joint entry into the market of Kazakhstan were very useful. Coupled with new contacts of Kazakhstani consumers, cooperation with Bashkir partners can significantly expand the presence of Paker in this promising region of the near abroad—" summed up the participation in the International Exhibition "Oil and Gas" - KIOGE-2021", Deputy Director of Paker for Sales Development Dinar Sufiyanov.


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