«Local. High-quality. Own»

«Local. High-quality. Own»

«Local. High-quality. Own»

Under this banner, an industrial exhibition was launched on Sovetskaya Oktyabrsky Square on the day of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the city, demonstrating the economic power of the city.

According to the Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov, Oktyabrsky is the western outpost of the republic. It is based on more than two dozen large and medium-sized industrial enterprises that annually produce goods and provide services worth over 24 billion rubles. Most of them are focused on oil workers. A special place in this list is occupied by NPF Packer, the leader of the Russian market and neighboring countries in the field of design and production of packer-anchor equipment and layouts for oil and gas wells.

The exposition of the company, which traditionally united several Packer partners, was designed taking into account the festive theme and had an informational and image character. This approach fully allowed residents and guests of the city to get an idea of what Packer lives and breathes today, what its future aspirations are.

As for the manufactured products, serial samples of packer-anchor equipment were presented at the exhibition stand, which were widely used in carrying out various technological operations in the process of oil and gas production. All of them have proven themselves well and are in steady demand among the enterprises of the oil and gas complex of Russia and neighboring countries. Today, the company's product line contains several dozen standard sizes of packers for various purposes, including such popular ones as packers for hydraulic fracturing, reservoir pressure maintenance, as well as for repair and insulation operations.

But the main part of the exposition consisted of information stands that clearly demonstrate the social component in the company's activities. And this is not accidental. For many years, Paker SPF has been a center for the formation and dissemination in the region and Russia of practices in the field of social and social activities, production culture and the system of working with partners.

The genuine interest of the participants of the festive exhibition, including the head of Oktyabrsky Alexei Shmelev and his distinguished guests, was aroused by the demonstration stand of the Marat Ilyasov health and rehabilitation center for people with disabilities "I can". The center, now a social partner of Paker SPF, owes much of its birth and formation personally to the company's director, Marat Nagumanov.

Two author's simulators called "Vertical Trolley" and "Machine" were presented by their creator, the head of the center Marat Ilyasov.

- The Machine simulator, in particular, is designed for the development and recovery of almost all muscle groups. It was manufactured at the experimental machine-building plant "TAPART", a joint venture of PJSC "Tatneft" and SPF "Paker". Moreover, the specialists of Packer and TAPART provided not only the production of this simulator itself, but also all its design and technological support. In the future, we plan to transfer the entire production of simulators for the center "I can" to the OEMZ, - said Marat Ilyasov.

A stand with information about an extremely popular product — a universal disinfecting corridor for disinfection of clothing, shoes and human skin HumanDisBox - also turned out to be topical. This is a partner project of the Moscow developer company MobiTruck by EdaNaKolesah.com and the manufacturer of the SPF "Paker" from Bashkortostan. The disinfecting corridor proved itself during the pandemic as an effective means of providing antivirus protection at the entrance of enterprises, institutions, educational, entertainment and shopping centers, at exhibitions - wherever it is necessary to ensure the security of mass communications.

A separate stand of the exhibition was dedicated to the book "Tales of Packer, or The First Steps of Building a production culture in a Russian company." The book, which summarizes Packer's long-term experience in building a production culture, and which can become the real basis for the organization, management and successful development of any domestic enterprise.

While preparing the exposition, the company's specialists, according to established tradition, did not forget to provide it with appropriate advertising and information products.

Each visitor of the exhibition in honor of the 75th anniversary of Oktyabrsky could get a colorful set of booklets in branded packer packages for free and get acquainted with the company in more detail at home, which is a bright representative of the western outpost of the republic.


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