Results of culinary competition

Results of culinary competition

Are summed up of culinary competition which has been a last Friday, on February, 21st. We express huge gratitude to all participants and wish everybody success at work and in a private life, health, well-being to you and your relatives! Participants of competition and quantity of points:

  1. Umagulova Almira Faritovna (the wife of the operator of machine tools with 4 categories of Umagulov I.G.) – 47 points
  2. Gaibadullina Liliya Maxmutovna - the cook 4 categories of a dining room – 40 points
  3. Bogomolova Tatiyana Sergeevna – (the wife of the operator of machine tools with 3 categories of Bogomolova S.M.) - 9 points
  4. Nadirshina Evgeniya Anatolievna – specialist of Service of manufacturing maintenance – 9 points
  5. Shafigullina Gulnara Sadirshaitovna - specialist of HR – 8 points
  6. Allayarova Anuza Fazilovna – wiper of Service of manufacturing maintenance – 7 points
  7. Fassaxova Razifa Zakiriyanovna - wiper of Service of manufacturing maintenance – 6 points
  8. Fattahova Zolfiya Gabdraupovna – bookkeeper – 6 points
  9. Mironova E. A. – chief of service of medical manufacturing – 5 points
  10. Svetlyakova Elena Sergeevna – specialist of service – 2 points
  11. Bikmaeva Rozaliya Inglisovna - warehouseman of constitution of instrumental maintenance – 1 point

All participants of competition are invited on March, 6th, 2014 for delivery of prizes.

The money resources obtained from sale of culinary products on behalf of collective of the company, will be directed to the Tatar boarding school in the form of transfer of essential commodities necessary. Thank you very much!!!

2014-02-21-Results of culinary competition



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