The Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan was in Oktyabrsky.


The Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan RustemKhamitov was getting acquainted with Science and Production Firm Paker LLC for more than an hour.  Many things were shown to the guest because the company takes a leading position in Russia in designing, production and maintenance service of packer-and-anchor equipment and borehole assemblies.

The director, Marat Nagumanov, gave the tour. The personnel of Science and Production Firm Paker can be proud of the company. Ten new products are developed and tested by the company according to their own projects every year. The successful year for Science and Production Firm Paker was 2014. It produced products and rendered services over a billion rubles, the index of industrial production by 2013 equaled to 107.9 percent, the average wage (38,554 rubles) increased to 7.4 percent...

RustemKhamitov, the Head of Administration of the Head of the Republic Sergey Molchanov, accompanying officials and journalists,have been in the majority of manufacturing facilities and back-office locations. The tour began with the inspection of the metrological service which meets the needs of Science and Production Firm Paker and also performs calibration and repair of measuring instruments for third-party contractors. Then there was a visit to the museum.
There is a medical center with a set of medical equipment that can be called a small clinic. The machine that changes the footwear into surgical boots is located on entering the medical center.

The Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan was interested in many aspects of Science and Production Firm Paker LLC. For example, he was interested in the quality management system. One of its elements is the system "Brilliant." When an employee finds errors in manufactured details, he submits it and receives a salary.

RustemKhamitov complained about the poor quality of work by builders and asked Marat Nagumanov whether this system could be usedin building. The answer was «Yes» as the system is universal. Marat Nagumanovemphasized that it is softer and therefore more effective controlbecause it is necessary not only to demand from employees, but also to educate and trust the staff.

At the enterprise, the special focus is on enabling of labor, rest, and keeping to social guarantees. The guests were in the cabins and laundry room where there is central washing and clothing repair. They had a look at a dining roomwhere there were vitamins on each table.

The success of the company is awarded with many prizes. Science and Production Firm Paker LLC is a public company and it is willing to share its experience.

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